Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Thursday, January 31, 2013


There is always something good out there.
Something to look forward to.
Something to find.
Something to hope for.
Something to aspire.
Something to change you.
Something you'd cherish.
Something to treasure.
Something better.
Something that will make everything worthwhile.
And to never give up--
is your only chance to that something.



It will all just fade away eventually.
You were hurt, but then you'll heal.
You sobbed, but you'll calm down.
You fell,  then you'll rise again.
You were lost and then
you'll  find your way back.
Or someone will reach for your hand to save you.

That's one hell of a lucky day when
that someone crosses your path--
To guide you out of the havoc.
And pave your way back to life.^^

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Everyone says love hurts-- but that is not true.
Loneliness hurts.
Betrayal hurts.
Lie hurts.
Being neglected hurts.
Deception hurts.
Rejection hurts.
Losing someone hurts.
Envy hurts.
Disappointment hurts.
Frustration hurts.
And most of us get these all mixed up with love.
But in reality--
LOVE is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain.

It is the only thing that heals our wounds.
It is the only thing that saves us from despair.
The one that cuddles us in our coldest days.
It is the one that fills our emptiness.

Love is the only thing that makes us feel wonderful again.
For love is the only thing in this world that doesn't hurt at all. ^^ 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


*VALOR (n.) an exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger 

There are things that are hard to walk away from.
Especially when you thought it was all you've had.
When you've set upon yourself that it was all you've wanted.
When you've dreamed a lot ahead.
When you've believed it with all your heart that it was real.
When there are things in that chapter of your life that you are not ready to close yet.
When there are some things that you are not ready to give up yet.
When you were left without a choice but to retreat without having a chance to fight back-- that's when it is the hardest.

I've loved and that I am not ashamed to admit.
I've lost and that I have to face.
For I'm aware that beyond longing, beyond grief, beyond anger, beyond pride and beyond love-- truth, candor and decency should come first.
It is never easy, and whoever who has loved and has lost would perfectly agree.
It is never easy, but it's not the end.
We don't have to like it, but we need to live with it.
Coz in the end, it will not be about who has won or lost.
It would not be about who laughed or cried.
The world is not that perfectly torn into two opposing sides.
It's not about getting what you want--
it's about taking up that courage to walk away when you know it's not  right.^^


*LAUDER (n.) someone who communicates high praise, someone who admirable

Love is a choice.
Yeah it's partly magic and it's partly destiny.
But most of it is a choice.
We choose everyday--
if we will stay or we will go.
We choose if we will love more or if we will retrieve.
We decide everyday.
We make a choice.
And the beauty of it is that everyday,
we also make ourselves worthy to be chosen as well. ^^



*PREJUDICE (n.) a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

It's not true that you get what you deserve.
The world is not that fair.
For if it is--
then no good person would experience pain.
No child would be hungry.
No pure heart would be in vain.
We all succumb to destiny they say.
Sometimes, it's not because of you.
It's not because you are not pretty enough,
not because you are not smart enough,
not because you haven't tried hard enough.
We are all good enough--
good enough to be cherished,
fine enough to be loved.
If only the world is a bit fair enough. ^^



*MUNDANE (adj.) belonging to this earth or world, concerned with worldly matters

Another year past,
another one started.
Twenty nine days down,
three hundred thirty six to go.
Life is that fast.
And so we chase time.
We run after opportunities.
We tire ourselves searching for chances.
We live in cycles and we are chained by routines.
We look past what's in front of us.
We ignore what's in our hands.
We neglect what we already have.
We are blinded by what seems to be so far,
that we stop appreciating everything near us.
LIFE IS FAST-- but it shouldn't be difficult.
For life is meant to be enjoyed, savored and tasted to its every minute.
Life is simple because life is just basically what we make out of it.
And as they say--
we shouldn't let the bitch screw us around. ^^



**RUE (v.) being sorry for something that you've done because it has unpleasant results

Learning that you have made a bad choice--
that's what sucks.
You can blame yourself for letting your guards down.
You can blame the situation.
You can blame everyone--
but you can never make it undone.
All that's left for you to do is to pick yourself up again.
Start from square one.
Battle it off for survival.
For sometimes, we learn the hardest
and the most painful lessons of our lives in a flash.
They beat us up in surprise.
We can never be ready for that.
Yet, there's nothing else to do but to get through it--
alive and better.^^


Everyone needs a hero sometimes.
We may think we are strong enough.
We think we can handle it all.
We feel we are invincible.
But we all have our kryptonites.
And no matter what we do,
we just can't fight back.
We just hope that someone would save us.
Coz we all can use a hero sometimes. ^^

Monday, January 28, 2013


*LIMBO (n.) an imaginary place for lost or neglected things, state of being disregarded or forgotten

NOT KNOWING is sometimes the most peaceful sanctuary.
It is a temporary bliss.
It is our refuge from pain.
It demands strength to step out of it
for it takes the bravest hearts to face pitfall.
And even if NOT KNOWING may sometimes be our shelter--
we know that reality still lies beyond.
That we have to step outside one way or another.
And search for what there is TO KNOW.
The sad part though is that the process is damn irreversible.
And once done, there is no going back to the
sanctuary of NOT KNOWING AT ALL.^^


*HEED (v.) to pay close attention or notice, to consider carefully

Can you really trust your instinct?
Can you always rely on logic?
Is there a pattern to everything?
That's what meddles with trust--
when every sign points otherwise.
Yet love saves us from distrust most of the time.
When every inch of you knows that something is wrong.
Something doesn't add up.
And still you let it be.
You ignore it.
You push it aside.
Saving some courage for what you would find.
'Coz you are almost sure you are right.
You are almost certain things wouldn't be fine.
And you could almost hear that  tiny voice
at the back of your mind waiting to echo--


*ASPIRE (v.)  having strong desire to achieve something, to have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal

How do you trust completely again as before?
Having that same fear of being hurt again,
being disappointed-- of failing.
That same uncertainty that something's
gonna be wrong once more.
Being doubtful this time, 'coz as it appears,
what you see isn't always what it is.
Having no confidence in your instincts and emotions no longer.
Hanging on to that faith slowly slipping away,
for what you've believed in turned out to be all wrong.
Scared to take a side-- will you be wiser now?
Or will you just give in again?
All it takes is time.
Yeah, it's hard for now and you know you can't face it yet.
So you just choose to shut it off and let things be for the moment.
For you are sure that there will come a perfect time for you to open up again.
And when that comes--
when that same bugging feeling creeps in once more,
you'll know you will be OK.^^

Friday, January 25, 2013


God saves us always in many ways.
Sending us heroes whenever we are in need of one.
We might sometimes think that everything is falling apart,
but in fact he is just trying to put everything into their proper places.
It may sometimes seem that we stumble hard upon something which destroys us,
and in the end only to realize that he has freed us from all the coming pain.



The life we've chosen at times
doesn't turn out to be the life we wanted.
The person we are seems to be

not the person we want to become.
The feelings we have--

they are not always what we want to feel.
That inner war--a self-inflicted battle,

how do you rise from that?

When all else fail, you just have to stop.
Shag it off, give yourself a break and rest for a while.
You don't always have to seize the moment.
It's okay to stop trying for a while.
Sometimes, you just have to pause for a sec,

leave it all behind and just savor that lightness.



We all surely hate it when life goes off course..
These times when we lose control--
desperately wanting to grasp back the life we wanted,
that person we used to be.
but life, most of the time is unfair.
And we are often are just victims of circumstances.
reality is that sometimes, it is not a matter of who we are,
or who want to be...
But mostly of who this cruel world allow us to be.



What is so hard in letting go?..
it is not really the pain of leaving behind the past....
nor missing the memories..
nor being afraid to embrace a new start.
sometimes letting go is the hardest knowing that
the one you are leaving behind wouldn't even mind..
it's walking away and see that person 
whom you would die to be with care no less.
it is the certainty that your absence wouldn't be felt.
it is succumbing to that naked truth-_


Prelude to What Could Have Been

It is quite a darn awful feeling, knowing you have failed..
but there is that point when you just
couldn't go on anymore even if you still want to pursue.
it is a pathetic place--
where retrieving is your only option..
worse is that you know there is no one to pull you back..
that you are not worth it..
so you just let go..
walk away..
hoping that its all better that way..



**GALLANT (adj.)  having or displaying great dignity or nobility

Being nice isn't always being stupid.
Yeah, you were hurt, but that doesn't give you the license to hurt others, too.
It is not being blind if you try to make things ok.
It might be hard to look past through that pain, but if you can, then why not do it?
It's not gonna tear down your pride if you would find it in yourself--
that will to accept things that aren't the way you wanted them to be.
Walking out and shutting out the one who have hurt you wouldn't make it any less painful.
Being nice doesn't mean you weren't any wiser
There is a lot in this world and there is too little time.
Too much pain, too little happiness.
You are not the only one in pain--
and if most of them surpassed it, then why won't you..
Do not let that pain empty your heart..
Coz you'll see int the end--- it's never gonna be worth it.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Choosing to be right-- it is one of the hardest thing to do.
It is even harder without fully understanding
why you ended up tracking that path.
Yet,you just have to deal with what is needed to be done.
Not because you are second-rated,
but because you know better.
Surrendering doesn't mean you've failed.
Stopping doesn't mean you've lost.
It doesn't mean you are weak.
You've won because you did what is best for you and for everyone.
You've succeeded because you've chosen to understand,
you've chosen to forgive and let go.
You are strong because you were able to battle it off without stooping down.
You've acknowledged you've had a lapse of judgement,
 but you did not allow it to drag you behind.
You've shown that you deserve more.
You've reclaimed your worth.
And in the end happiness is still yours.
For you have gracefully came through and utterly ready for a better journey.^^