Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Friday, May 24, 2013


I wish there is a machine that could possibly
scribble your thoughts automatically.
Like a written record of your each and every idea.
For due to some reasons I cannot fathom,
the greatest thoughts come after the lights are off.
When you are off to bed half dreamy--
that is when the writer in you wakes up.
And for insomniacs like me,
who takes forever just to be in the sleepy state,
it is but a great risk to get up again and jot down my thoughts,
knowing that I will then sacrifice another night's sleep.
For when I shook off the yawny state,
it will again take forever for me to be sleepy once more.
But then this flood of ideas ambush me and then after some internal deliberating,
still and as always, the writer in me wins.
So I get up, turn the lights on and write.
For as often as it happens, 
I am always overpowered by the insomniac machine within my reckless brain.

Monday, May 20, 2013


**The lies and the art of overcoming it.^^

It all starts with a lie, then it grows into something bigger,
something a bit messier, when it  evolves into cheating.
Cheating is something that even the worst lunatic of us shouldn't dare do.
It is worse than anguishing someone.
It is an utter betrayal of trust, a tenure of promises made.
It is more than just deceit.
It's a treason to commitment, which may cause unfathomable pain.
Cheating is something that one shouldn't consider engaging upon--
especially not to the people we claim to love,
and never to the people who loves us truly.
Cheating roots from selfishness.
Every cheater is nothing but an arrant self-interested individual.
Someone who's daunted and afraid to lose,
too weak to decide which to hold on to and which to let go.
Too greedy to claim both .
A cheater is someone who is not man enough to respect and commit to his own true emotions.
A person with no respect for others, and too little for himself.

The dilemma of cheating is that it does not only weakens one's trust in the future, but more regretfully, it showers doubt to every memory and it taints everything that you've had.
When you've been cheated upon, you will first try to run away from the truth, you'll tend to go blinded and embrace the lies.
You'll deny yourself of reality because as we all already know-- 
the truth freaking hurts.
You will withhold judgement even if every single doubt is already proven true.
You'll blame yourself for being that stupid  to let your guards down and believe deceits.
You might then ask repeatedly until you understand,
though this time you are never sure if what you'll get again are lies.
The new found secrets will sure as hell tear you up--
and after that, it will never be the same.
After awhile you will realize that the cheating doesn't really hurt,
it is seeing that someone you have loved in a light that makes you hate what they have done that hurts.
That is what's painful.
For the truth changes everything, the truth changes you.
You may deny yourself of the truth.
But then again the truth, no matter how ugly is still better than a beautiful lie.
And breaking free from that lie is the hardest part of it,
not everyone may have that courage to walk out from that,
but everyone can certainly do.

It will hurt, and you'll be angry, you will feel hate.
But never allow yourself to be blinded by that hatred.
Never allow yourself to be burdened by others' failure to be human.
Do not blame yourself, for it is never your fault.
It was never wrong to have given your trust.
It was never wrong to have believed.
It was never wrong to have loved.
If you have been cheated, betrayed or lied to, it is never your fault.
And remember that you are more than that dishonesty,
you are beyond all those crazy stupid acts.
You are more than that pain it caused.
You are far better than all those disappointments.
You are larger than all those pretentious memories.
You are bigger than all the half-meant promises.
For you are not, and will never be defined by the cheating and who he was to you.
You are defined by who you became after that, despite of that.
So chin up, and face the world.
For it is way better and more beautiful now.
Now that you are free of all those lies.^^

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Browsing through the different social media sites today,

I have read a lot about our people's different reactions regarding the outcome of yesterday's election.
Many were criticisms on how the election turned out, name dropping the same candidates who we deemed unworthy of winning a senatorial post.
Which may seem ironic somehow, when in fact millions have casted their votes for them-- I mean where are these people?
I honestly haven't read anything nice about these certain candidates all day long nor heard any supporting remarks about them from people around.
The good thing here though is knowing that a lot of Filipino netizens actually still care about our country's politics.
PINOYs as always, make the most out of the situation.
We may make fun all we want about the senatorial results, but sooner we will have to carry on with a government  to be ran by who the majority of our people has voted for,
and we just have to deal with them painstakingly for another six years.
Another six years, that hopefully would be better ones for most of us.
So to these new soon to be dear senators, may you prove us, all your detractors wrong.

**AYAN TAYO EH is a popular Filipino expression to show dismay or disappointment in a funny sarcastic manner.

*The Philippines just had its senatorial and local election yesterday, May 13.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My ever dearest Mama,

I have known no one more loving, more considerate and more selfless person in this world than you are.
I know sometimes that I have failed to show you just how dear you are to me, how much I love you and how important you are in my life,
but Mama, no words could ever describe how thankful and how blessed I feel that I was born and raised by you.
And I sincerely hope, with all of me, that I make you feel half as lucky that I am your daughter.
I will be forever grateful of everything you have done for us.
We could never ever repay even a bit of what you have sacrificed and given up just for us your family.
You have taken care of us all and given us love way more than what we deserved.
You are indeed my superhero Mama, you know that.
I've told you again and again how you have saved me everyday.
It makes me feel shame to think of the disappointments I have caused you.
And it pains me a lot knowing I could have been a better daughter for you.
But being the wonderful person that you are, you have always loved me unconditionally, and supported me no matter what.
You have never complained, never put me down.
You have never failed to make me feel that I am doing right.
You have always made sure I feel good about being me,
and reminded me all the time that you are proud, despite of all the mistakes and shortcomings I may have had.
That line saying "Mothers know best," that is perfect for you,
for you just always know what is best to do, and it has always amazed me how you do it.
You always know the answers, you always know what to say and even when not to say anything at all,
but just hug us and shower us with your magical love.
You are beyond amazing Mama, and I LOVE YOU,
and it would never be enough to show just how much, even if I tell you that everyday.
Remember before when I was way younger,
I told you that my song for you is the ever cliched "Wind beneath my wings," 
well, that's definitely what you are to me.
You are my strength, my inspiration and my best friend.
I would never ever wish to be someone else's daughter for I have the best mother there is, and that is you.
I say that without any sense of bias or flattery for you,
for you are indeed the best Mama, and I hope you know that.
Happy mother's day Mama,
I LOVE YOU with every part of me.

Lots a love,
Your little baby girl^^

**to the most beautiful woman in the world and the person who holds the biggest and most special part of my heart-- Mama, I love you, happy Mom's Day. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! <3

Friday, May 3, 2013


When you love someone-- let it be known.
Claim it.
Utter it.
Articulate it.
Yes, actions may speak louder than words they say,
but words are still the clearer voice of our emotions.
They verify how we feel.
They guarantee our intent.
So when you love, say it.
Even if you think that it won't be all right.
Even of you are scared it's not gonna be worth it.
Even if it may cause trouble.
Even if you are not sure it will be accepted,
Do not falter.
You say it still, and you say it loud.^^

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Last weekend, my mom went to her province to attend a family affair.
My dad, for some reasons, cannot accompany her, and so my youngest brother went to escort my mom.
This is one of the few times when my parents have to be away from each other for days, and that is not an exaggeration.
My mom and dad have been together for about  30 years already,
and literally, they  have always been together ever since.
Growing up, I cannot remember having my dad or my mom away.
When my dad has to go somewhere, my mom will be with him and vice versa.
Many may find that chokey, but it is not as worse as that.
There are just people who, I guess, cannot stand being away from each other.
And for one, my mom and dad are like that,
even after three decades of being together,
after four awesomely and annoyingly great children--
they managed to put up the romance and the love they've had for each other.
They are totally in love with each other-- needless to say,
they are an inseparable duo.
After 30 years, they still tease each other and giggle like high school sweethearts.
They still always hold hands in public, and more so in the house.
They cannot stop hugging each other, that at times make us feel that it's so cruddy sweet.
They are amazingly still head over heels over each other.

So as I said, my mom went away for awhile for some family matters last Saturday afternoon and she'll be back that Monday morning as well.
I woke up before noon that Sunday morning and as I went down the stairs I heard my dad talking over the phone.
His voice almost flirting-- that kind of voice men use when talking to pretty girls or the ladies they like.
I, of course, being the nosy papa's girl kinda eavesdrop.
I heard the woman's voice on the other line somehow giggly.
Their chat went on for awhile about just sweet nothing at all.
My dad saying how he has been thinking about her all night, he almost didn't have any sleep and that he misses her dearly.
And they went to their endless goodbyes-- like when you don't want to hang up yet while talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend.
And finally  they say their I LOVE YOU's and hang up.
The woman on the other line was of course nonetheless my mother.
And that little eavesdropping project just actually made my Sunday super special.
Having parents so in love like that, it just gives a very nice pinch to your heart.
Actually, just seeing any old couple together does that-- but it is uber exceptional if they are your mom and dad, lucky me I guess.
Having two people so faithfully in love is a very nice thing to know.
They are the living fairy tales that make us still believe in a magical once upon a time.
My mom and my dad-- they are my fair share of  a happily ever after.^^

**outdated blog anthology