Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The more you love a person, the greater is the risk of getting hurt.
For we are most sensitive to the people we love.
It is like every detail counts.
Every small gesture would make us smile.
Every joke would make us giggle.
Every small disappointment would pain us.
Every minute apart would make us miss them.
Ever time together would leave that little spark of joy in our hearts.

When you open yourself to someone, when you make yourself vulnerable to him,
that is only when I guess that you fully let him love you,
and you fully love him in return.
That risk, that fall, that is the best part of loving.
Not all risks may end up in favor of you though,
but it will all be worth it in the end.
It is not just being able to say that you truly loved,
nor that you have given your best, that you gave it what you can.
It is not just making the other person feel cherished and happy.
It is the magic of finding that part of yourself that is capable of doing so,
discovering that you have it in you.
You may surprise yourself even on how much you could really give,
or to what extent you would be willing to go to and how brave you can actually be.

It is but a pity how some people pass on that opportunity to share themselves to someone whom they love and loves them.
It is like it is there, yet then they were too scared to take it.
Yes, it is true that we should be careful, we should be wise,
but whether it fails or not, what difference does it make if you had not taken that leap of faith.
If you had not trusted your heart in what it is supposed to do,
if you had not allowed yourself to that magic,
if you kept on fighting it, instead of fighting for it,
would it not even hurt more?

We all love, we all will , we all must.
And one time or another, we will all face pain.
And yes, your heart may seem broken for awhile, 
but the beauty of it is that your heart will always learn how to cope up,
it will re-learn to be okay, for it is in fact unbreakable.
And in the end, it is how much you loved that will matter more,
it is how happy you've been.
The pain, the hurt when it fails, through time, it will go away.
But that strength, that wisdom and that self-discovery you've gained will always stay with you.
It is a win-win scenario all the time.
So yeah, risk up, take that chance, do yourself a favor, stop being scared and just love. <3