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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Browsing through the different social media sites today,

I have read a lot about our people's different reactions regarding the outcome of yesterday's election.
Many were criticisms on how the election turned out, name dropping the same candidates who we deemed unworthy of winning a senatorial post.
Which may seem ironic somehow, when in fact millions have casted their votes for them-- I mean where are these people?
I honestly haven't read anything nice about these certain candidates all day long nor heard any supporting remarks about them from people around.
The good thing here though is knowing that a lot of Filipino netizens actually still care about our country's politics.
PINOYs as always, make the most out of the situation.
We may make fun all we want about the senatorial results, but sooner we will have to carry on with a government  to be ran by who the majority of our people has voted for,
and we just have to deal with them painstakingly for another six years.
Another six years, that hopefully would be better ones for most of us.
So to these new soon to be dear senators, may you prove us, all your detractors wrong.

**AYAN TAYO EH is a popular Filipino expression to show dismay or disappointment in a funny sarcastic manner.

*The Philippines just had its senatorial and local election yesterday, May 13.