Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Monday, May 20, 2013


**The lies and the art of overcoming it.^^

It all starts with a lie, then it grows into something bigger,
something a bit messier, when it  evolves into cheating.
Cheating is something that even the worst lunatic of us shouldn't dare do.
It is worse than anguishing someone.
It is an utter betrayal of trust, a tenure of promises made.
It is more than just deceit.
It's a treason to commitment, which may cause unfathomable pain.
Cheating is something that one shouldn't consider engaging upon--
especially not to the people we claim to love,
and never to the people who loves us truly.
Cheating roots from selfishness.
Every cheater is nothing but an arrant self-interested individual.
Someone who's daunted and afraid to lose,
too weak to decide which to hold on to and which to let go.
Too greedy to claim both .
A cheater is someone who is not man enough to respect and commit to his own true emotions.
A person with no respect for others, and too little for himself.

The dilemma of cheating is that it does not only weakens one's trust in the future, but more regretfully, it showers doubt to every memory and it taints everything that you've had.
When you've been cheated upon, you will first try to run away from the truth, you'll tend to go blinded and embrace the lies.
You'll deny yourself of reality because as we all already know-- 
the truth freaking hurts.
You will withhold judgement even if every single doubt is already proven true.
You'll blame yourself for being that stupid  to let your guards down and believe deceits.
You might then ask repeatedly until you understand,
though this time you are never sure if what you'll get again are lies.
The new found secrets will sure as hell tear you up--
and after that, it will never be the same.
After awhile you will realize that the cheating doesn't really hurt,
it is seeing that someone you have loved in a light that makes you hate what they have done that hurts.
That is what's painful.
For the truth changes everything, the truth changes you.
You may deny yourself of the truth.
But then again the truth, no matter how ugly is still better than a beautiful lie.
And breaking free from that lie is the hardest part of it,
not everyone may have that courage to walk out from that,
but everyone can certainly do.

It will hurt, and you'll be angry, you will feel hate.
But never allow yourself to be blinded by that hatred.
Never allow yourself to be burdened by others' failure to be human.
Do not blame yourself, for it is never your fault.
It was never wrong to have given your trust.
It was never wrong to have believed.
It was never wrong to have loved.
If you have been cheated, betrayed or lied to, it is never your fault.
And remember that you are more than that dishonesty,
you are beyond all those crazy stupid acts.
You are more than that pain it caused.
You are far better than all those disappointments.
You are larger than all those pretentious memories.
You are bigger than all the half-meant promises.
For you are not, and will never be defined by the cheating and who he was to you.
You are defined by who you became after that, despite of that.
So chin up, and face the world.
For it is way better and more beautiful now.
Now that you are free of all those lies.^^