Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am a self-confessed papa's little girl--
and that is something I am very proud to be.
That's one of my most favorite versions of me.
When I was younger, my mama would always jealously joke proclaiming that I love my papa more, which of course is not true.
First, because I love my mama with all my heart.
And second, because  my mama would surely see this as well. :)

My papa and I almost share the same birthday,
I was born only a few hours before his special day.
I am his first child,
and so I always believe that I am special to him.
I am his favorite, everyone says so as well,
but my papa is just so modest to admit it--
well at least that's what I think.^^
(excuse me little sister and brothers)
Chaffing and bias aside, 
my papa has always been a fair and loving father to all of us,
always in the middle, not meddling, not overmastering.

I always believe in my papa.
When my papa says there are no ghosts--
which is the thing I am most scared of childishly,
I instantly become braver, for my papa says so.
When he says I can be the top of my class or
I could win the first prize because I am better than all the other kids,
I at once turn into an Einstein, just because my papa believes so.
When he says I can do something,
surprisingly like a magician and his abracadabra,
I could definitely do so.

My papa is a man of few words,
so when he speaks we all listen.
He is always a step forward,
he always considers and decides with reasons.
My papa is a man of values, of honor and of dignity.
Yeah, that may sound hard core-- but it is indeed very true.
He prizes his standards highly and
stands for them as much as he can.
He is a man that honors his words.
He keeps his promises, no matter what it takes.
He seldom falters.
And as he always says--
we should be extra careful choosing and adopting
the principles we want to live by, and once we did,
we must never waver and have the heart to uphold them.
He is my role model, my prototype of an ideal guy.

My papa is my superhero.
He scares me at times--
like I am terrified to fall short of what he expects of me. 
And yet I feel safe all the time knowing
that if in any way I fail, he will,
as he always had, have my back.
He makes me want to be better to deserve his pride.
For there is no feeling more lifting in this world than of my papa being so proud of me, boasting about the little things I have done.
The least I can do is try my hardest not to disappoint him,
(which I think I more often do than I want to)
for my papa, as in any superhero, has never let me down.

It is indubitable how much I admire and respect my father,
but how can I not?
He managed a family that I adore with all of my heart,
he loved and protected my most favorite people in this world.
and somehow that will always be an understatement.
And so on his very special day,
I wish nothing but more happiness for him,
more love, better health and the same old him--
the best man in the world.^^
I love you and I am proud and blessed to be your little girl.^^

**for the greatest father in the world on his birthday^^


Aside from being the best father in the world, my papa is an equally good and loving husband to my mama, which of course I think are co-requisites--a good man, a loving husband, a wonderful dad.
I had this conversation with him a few weeks back about infidelity and this is what he said:

Me: Pa, have you ever cheated on mama?
Papa: No, never.

Me: Have you thought of it?
Papa: (shook his head, paused and thought reconsidering)
Temptations come, but I dare not to entertain it.

Me: Well, how could you not?
Papa: Three things.
First, I love your mama and all of you my children and you wouldn't want to hurt the ones you love don't you?
Second, I am scared of no man, but I am terrified of a woman, so I would never dare give her a reason to be angry.
Third, because I am sure that if I did, she would know. She will ask and I will never be able to lie to her, that I cannot do.

Did I mention that I love my papa?^^