Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Friday, February 1, 2013


We all search for that great love--
The kind that will make us shiver.
The one that will overwhelm and melt our hearts.
A love that will never judge,
but rather, would appreciate and accept.
The kind that will fill our emptiness and creep to our very soul.
A love that will never seize.
A love that is infinite.
The kind of love that will make us complete.
And there is this one man--
without any doubts, has given this love.
Gave his life, took the pain and saved us.
And he is just wishing for one tiny little thing in return.
And that is for us to come a bit closer to him-- 
So that HE could love us even more.^^