Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Something so scary couldn't be this great.
Something so unexpected couldn't be this welcomed.
Something brought by pain couldn't be this loved.
My thoughts maybe hazed-- but this is the only thing I am sure of.
And there's nothing, but all smiles from today.
Like no heart could contain the happiness which was found.
Like everything suddenly is a lot easier.
Every ache washed away.
Every prayer answered.
Every doubt calmed down.
Everything back to wonderful once again.
And nothing could actually bring you down now.
Not possibly this time that your miracle has come.


one bucket list entry DONE!^^
Witness a miracle.^^ which we do everyday-- DONE!^^