Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Thursday, April 4, 2013


*SANG-FROID (n.) the ability of a person to remain calm even in a dangerous or difficult situation, his composure under strain

I sometimes forget that and today
I am reminding myself of my worth.

Somehow, we are all great enough creatures.
Great enough to  deserve both pride and compassion--
no matter what.
We may not be all that grand enough to become A SOMEBODY.
Nor exalted enough to be A SOMEONE.
Yet we are all worthy enough to have a fair share  of human happiness.
Good enough to be alright with who we are.

I can certainly never do as much with my life as I want to,
there is no denying that.
I may even sometimes fail miserably to live up to what I've done or not do,
I am absolutely aware of that.
But I am still terribly glad that I exist,
I am still here,
still fighting the battle,
still playing the game,
still struggling to survive,
still wanting to be me.
And when I have not enough to think about it--
I am still terribly proud to be the person that I am.

I am a person. 
I struggle to remake myself and challenge the present me.
I celebrate and I ache.
I make mistakes and I strain to forgive.
I am proud, then I face defeat.
I think I knew it all and then I learn.
I am the man that I am--
and there's plenty that I'll give just to change
some things that I have done,
but here I am and this is just what there is.
I am without doubt that life isn't always suppose to be happy.
And that fact makes me stronger.
For obstacles made me fight all the more harder.
Nothing is guaranteed in this life--
but there is always a chance, if you will just not give up.
To always better yourself.
To always uphold your dignity and honor.
To uphold a purpose greater than yourself.
That's what I believe makes a person great enough.

I know that the important things in life are also the really difficult ones.
That deep lessons are learned in proximity to sorrow, loss and failure.
That hardships are not only inevitable--
they are indispensable part of a lifelong education.
So as we all do, I also keep on reinventing myself.
This world can change in an instant and one snap and then POOF!
Suddenly there is no looking back.
And so all I can do is to stand still at this very moment,
and do what is called for me to do.
I take pride in the dignity of the person that I am.
I am not patronizing myself, I am not any kind of hero.
I do not fancy myself still as a particularly good person.
I am not even a SOMEBODY.
But I strive not to be a NOBODY.
I am but a person.
And I may not really know for sure what life truly is--
but I am certainly aware that it is imperative to LIVE IT--