Who is Miss Glitchee?

I am who I am, I am in the act of creating myself, and I can only do that in the space of who I am not--
and so I have carefully created who I am not in order to experience who I actually am.^^

Friday, April 26, 2013


** GRATITUDE (n.) a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation

Always be thankful of those people who have the ability to
bring out a better version of you.
For those people who have consistently put effort just to make you happier.
Those who have their means of touching your life in ways you don't expect.
People who surprise you by making you feel emotions
that you never thought you have in you.
Those who almost drive you into tears for making you so incredibly happy.
People who know you amazingly well enough,
that they could conjure up your very own thoughts and emotions
into words that can magically shed some light into your uncertainties.
People who know what to say and when to actually say them to you,
having the perfect timing to enlighten you a notch more.
Giving you time to learn by yourself,
but always being there for you throughout your learning process.

Those who have that certain light in their lives that exudes to shine over you.
People who are generous enough to share the warmth of their hearts,
who rekindle your faith in the basic goodness of people.
Those who make you want to be better than who you are now.
People who make you so happy you've got no other way to cope to it
but to share it away. making you want to pay it forward.
For these people in my life--
you all perfectly know who you are,
I am nothing but grateful and fortunate to have crossed path with you all.
GOD must have been really looking after me and sent you.
You are the best gifts for my birthday.

*especially for that someone who has always been a ray of light in my life--
I am nothing but blessed to have you around. Thank you.^^

**written 17 April 2013, on my birthday